Saturday, 11 January 2014


France the country at 400 cheeses and the first country of consumption of whisky is one of the last countries that accord whisky and wine
Nicolas Julhès is an alchemist of flavors, which methodically explores, dissects the aromas to fill tables of notes looking for the perfect deal. "We can work agreements in complementary or opposition, he said. The important thing is to find a link between whiskey and cheese. "
A Dalwhinnie 15 years come perfectly in tune with the delicacy of a farmer in Saint-Nectaire the rind. On the hazelnut bread with a hint of heather honey, we will come close to ecstasy.
A Redbreast 12 years, preferably cask, will head Epoisses which reinforces the generous fruity Irish malicious. A Glendronach 15 years will be perfect on a cheddar. An old Speyside marked by sherry bounce on the stilton.

For a complementary agreement, we assign a Caol Ila 12 years to a camembert from raw milk, which will pep elegantly peat smoke in the air of Islay. "With Ardbeg, more animal, the agreement becomes a tone on tone is radically different," says Nicolas Julhès. If you feel you made ​​a mad audacity, open the calendos: it's even better!

We dare ask what whiskey pacserait test with Reblochon cheese optimal winter ... and takes a shot spoon (coffee) on the fingers! "Contrary to popular belief, Reblochon is best in summer, lectured Mr. Thuret. Because cows graze out and good fresh grass. Like the county, tastier when it is made in spring-summer. Ask her age and calculate. In winter, in the Jura, cows suck ice cubes and hay puff: it gives cheeses poorer, drier, cold refining. "

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