Sunday, 24 November 2013


Wine Introducer is a review of the top 5 wine blogs in a week about quality information, amazing news, wine culture and EVERYTHING exciting in the world of wine.

This blog is open-minded. So, YOU are the most important part of Wine Introducer. If you come across any wine blogs and interesting wine related news, don't hesitate to tell us.

Wine Introducer is a cosmopolitan team made up of 5 passionate wine lovers from France, China, Italy and Cyprus. As curious Wine and Spirits students we want to exchange great and innovative ideas, also to create a place where people can learn and teach.
As you can see, Wine Introducer have different and diversified members, so our wine ideology is that everybody have something to share because of its culture, nationality, background, experiences, meetings...

Why "Wine Introducer"?

Introduce you to the wine world
Introduce you to the marketing approach of wine
Introduce you to food and pairing
Introduce you to different wine cultures all over the world

How ?

By introducing you to great wine blogs !

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